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Find The Right River Rafting Trip For You

​California is perfect for river rafting with its solitude, scenic beauty, and the presence of rivers like Cal Salmon, Scott River, and the American River. American Whitewater Expeditions has diverse and adventurous white water rafting trips in store for you... Read more »

Whitewater Rafting Vacation? Know What to Bring!

Going whitewater rafting? If you haven’t gone before (and even if you have) it’s easy to forget everything needed to make your rafting vacation a success. Whether you’re going on a one day trip, or you’re planning on a few... Read more »

This is NOT Your Average Class Trip

Who says class trips, summer camp excursions, graduating classes, home schooled groups, or church outings have to be tedious tours of stuffy old museums or visits to the same tired landmark year after year? American Whitewater presents a new twist... Read more »

Riding The Party Wave: Happily Ever Rafting

Let’s be honest here, standing up in a wedding is no easy task. Putting together showers and parties that will be unique, yet enjoyable for all who attend can be difficult. The stereotypical activities are not for everyone. Despite what... Read more »

Conserve Your Summer Fun: Rafting Despite California’s Drought

As California experiences one of the driest years in recorded state history, this drought will impact many summer activities. Many reservoirs and lakes are at half capacity, and increased camping restrictions have been put in place as a result of above... Read more »

Creature Comforts for River Rafting Party

If white water rafting has not made it on your bucket list, we highly recommend moving it to the top. However, before you grab an oar and jump on a raft, there are several items we suggest packing in preparation... Read more »

A River Runs Through Your Office

Are you a premier, Fortune 500 company like some of our well-known clients: Google, Facebook, PricewaterhouseCoopers, or Intel? Maybe you’re a small San Francisco Bay Area startup on the brink of smashing – but slightly overwhelming – success. Either way... Read more »

The Chili Bar – Rapids Fun for All!

Over the course of more than 30 years, The South Fork American River has served as a perfect introduction to California rafting adventure for thousands of beginner rafters. It’s not just for beginners, though, as there are also sections... Read more »

Got Water? Rafting the American River

Can we go rafting during a drought year? You bet! You may not be able to water your yard daily, but you can most certainly go rafting on the American River this summer.
With Californian politicians behaving themselves and no... Read more »

Top 5 Whitewater Rafting Adventures in Africa

Africa is a hotbed of sporting adventure. From safaris to Sahara races, there is plenty to do under the blazing sun. And if you’re looking for a wild ride, whitewater rafting on one of the continent’s rivers should be at... Read more »

Thrills, Chills, Spills, and Most of All, Safety!

One of the reasons we love hitting the rapids is the thrill it gives us. The feeling we get when the raft jumps through the churning whitewater and the thrill of just barely hanging on in rough water can be... Read more »

Top 5 New Zealand Whitewater Rafting Day Trips

As a geologically young landmass, New Zealand is still subject to aggressive tectonic activity, with both of its major islands continuing to see their mountainous spines forced further upward. Some of the most wonderful white water rivers on earth are... Read more »

Wet & Wild Whitewater Bachelorette Party

Most brides aren’t mediocre, so why should the bachelorette party be commonplace? The final blowout bash celebrating the bride-to-be should give everyone something to remember. Put a bunch of crazy girls on the river wild and you’ve got... Read more »

Flora of the American River Valley

A trip down the American River is as beautiful as it is exhilarating. You may not have the time (or the breath!) to reflect on nature’s splendor as you’re shooting the rapids, but there are plenty of calm places... Read more »

Why Go Home? Come Camping With Us!

Life on the river is pretty laid back, so why rush the adventure?
American Whitewater Expeditions’ (AWE) beautiful campground is reason enough for you to stick around for a day or two before or after your river excursion. Private, packed... Read more »

Watching the Wildlife on the American River

What’s a float down the river without seeing some spectacular wildlife along the way? The American River Valley has more than its fair share of critters that swim, soar, and slink. Here are just a few of the wild things... Read more »

Don’t Go Under: A Used Gear Guide for Rafting

Rafting equipment doesn’t come cheap – trust us, we know. So it’s only natural to want to save a buck or two by purchasing your neighbor’s old gear, especially since he’ll take payments and a case of cheap beer... Read more »

Why River Conservation Should Matter to You

At American Whitewater, we do our best to make you feel at home on the American River, but for us, the American River is our home. It’s where we work, play, and relax. It’s more than a place to cool... Read more »

Low Flows Beget Kern River Woes

If you were planning to raft the Kern River this summer, you’re no doubt disappointed. The Kern, which has always been a rafting hotspot in Southern California, has only been this low three times in the past 120 years. This... Read more »

The Fine Wines of the American River Valley

Fish should be served with white wine, pasta should be served with red, but whitewater goes with them all! The American River Valley isn’t just for rafting – it’s also rich with wineries and vineyards to please the palate... Read more »

River of Riches: Gold Rush on the American River

On a cold January day in 1848, a lone man was building a sawmill on the shores of the American River when he suddenly screamed “Eureka!” Okay, probably he screamed something more along the lines of “Holy $%*#!”... Read more »

Happy Fourth of July!

No matter what you’re doing to celebrate Independence Day tomorrow, we hope that your day is filled with action, adventure, and fun. Or maybe just fireworks. Whatever you do, stay safe!
All the best from your friends at... Read more »

Action Photography: Getting the Perfect Shot

The feeling of exhilaration as you hit the rapids is one of our favorite things. Your adrenaline spikes, you feel the blast of spray on your face, and the sun at your back. That’s Action!
Action is why we... Read more »

Lending a Helping Hand on the Middle Fork

We love the American River. It’s our treasured home, and a beautiful playground that anyone can visit. We’re committed to doing whatever we can to keep it safe, exciting and fun for everyone who uses it.
A couple weeks... Read more »

Punk Rock River Rafting

We often have folks who wonder what to expect from our rafting trips, so we thought we would share a first hand look from the front of one of our rafts.
Here’s a video that was put together by... Read more »

The Best Rafting Tips From Our Friends

It’s good to have friends on the river, especially the kind that let you borrow their dry towel after you’ve dropped yours in the rapids. Good friends always share, and ours are no exception. The following rafting tips have... Read more »

4 Tips: Safe + Fun Rafting with Kids

Babysitter cancel at the last minute? Or maybe your little darlings are part fish and ready for their first rafting trip?
Tackling the river with children in tow isn’t quite as crazy as it sounds. With a bit of preparation, kids... Read more »

Rafting is a Trip: The Forks of the American River

You’re sure to have questions when deciding on your perfect rafting adventure. “Is it safe?” Very. “Am I going to get wet?” Yes. “Will I fall out of the raft?” Probably not, unless we really don’t like... Read more »

The First Time Rafter: What Do I Need To Know?

A white water rafting adventure on the American River is an absolutely thrilling activity that can be enjoyed by folks of all ages and experience levels. Make sure that your first trip out on the river will be a memorable... Read more »

Welcome to American Whitewater Expeditions!

Welcome to the American Whitewater Expeditions Blog! 2013 will be our 34th year rafting the Three Forks of the American River and, even after all those years, we remain the premium outfitter in the Coloma Valley. We have a fantastic... Read more »