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The Best Whitewater Rafting Trips in California

Do you and your family enjoy outdoor activities? Are you looking for a great team experience? For some of the best rafting adventures in California, you may want to consider a trip with American Whitewater Expeditions.

Our outings provide unforgettable experiences, team trips the way the should be, and terrific life-long memories for the entire family. An American River rafting trip with us is sure to be the highlight of your summer.

Unforgettable California Rafting

American Whitewater Expeditions has been in operation since the 1970s, making us the oldest company in the region. We are well established in the area and love to share our passion for rafting through our tours.

At American Whitewater, we have a passionate staff that puts the whole boat at ease. Your guide will ensure that your entire family has a great trip, including many opportunities to get pictures and videos. All of American Whitewater’s guides are experienced and excited about rafting. People always tell us that they love the personal touch that we provide. While the guides are carefree and fun, they are also knowledgeable about rafting and take every necessary safety precaution to ensure a successful outing for everyone.

Team Trips Like They Were Meant to Be

Some people are weary of team outings because they don’t want to go through boring team-building exercises. American Whitewater specializes in group trips and allows each of our groups to bond naturally as everyone has the opportunity to work together and have fun on their rafting adventure.

There are trips offered for every skill level, from beginners to experts, with something for everyone. At American Whitewater Expeditions, we love to cater to any number of different groups from Boy and Girl Scout troops to corporate groups to car clubs to environmental organizations.

Family Rafting for Life-Long Memories

At American Whitewater we pride ourselves on creating an environment of exuberant discovery every time we head out onto the river. The memories that you create on your whitewater rafting tour will last a lifetime. You’ll get a little break from your everyday routine and enjoy the natural surroundings while soaking up the sun. You won’t even notice the work of paddling while you’re on the boat because you will be having so much fun.

When you’re planning a rafting trip in California, look to us for your whitewater rafting outing needs. American Whitewater Expeditions offers adventures that create lasting family memories, great team collaboration, and an overall one of kind experience. Contact us today to set up your whitewater adventure.

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