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A River Runs Through Your Office

Are you a premier, Fortune 500 company like some of our well-known clients: Google, Facebook, PricewaterhouseCoopers, or Intel? Maybe you’re a small San Francisco Bay Area startup on the brink of smashing – but slightly overwhelming – success. Either way, you are surely looking to enhance your team’s performance, motivate them, and ultimately improve your business’s bottom line.

A River Runs Through Your Office: Corporate White Water Rafting Built up over time, simple everyday stresses can stop the flow of creativity. Mounting tensions between diversely talented employees limit production. Your officemates need first-hand experience that when laboring as a team, they will achieve greater heights than they could have alone. Providing a successful team building experience is daunting, yet of paramount importance.

A traditional retreat is mundane and a waste of resources. Employees dread the typical office “ice breaker” and hold their most obnoxious eye rolls for the break room when the boss isn’t looking. You are tasked with motivating vibrant, educated, and highly capable individuals to accomplish their best – both personally and as an effective coordinated team.

Whitewater Rafting to Success

American Whitewater Expeditions provides a corporate white water rafting trip that naturally builds teams without the contrived feel that run-of-the mill events have. Whether you want to focus on effective collaboration, or simply offer an incredible time river rafting in California, this offers the chance to unwind, release stress, and have fun.

While half and full day events are just as popular, a multi day event will deliver extraordinary results. Fall asleep under a million stars and wake up to the smell of crisp, fresh mountain air. Spend the day in the sun laughing with your coworkers as you paddle down sensational river rapids and experience all the delights and thrills of whitewater rafting. Then, celebrate your success recounting the day’s adventures around a warm and illuminating campfire.

The American River has three forks offering varied levels of difficulty, adventure, and excitement. Whitewater river rafting is an experience perfect for any corporate group. Your employees will gain courage to take safe risks instead of settling for mediocrity. The natural challenges of navigating rapids, paddling in unison, and working for a common group goal promotes open communication and trust. Arriving at your destination takes a division of effort that is meshed into a single coordinated result. After tasting the exhilarating success teamwork can create, those skills will easily transfer to everyday tasks and responsibilities.

The Team Building Event Employees Will Actually Look Forward To

A River Runs Through Your Office: Corporate White Water RaftingYou could plan another day of trust falls and corny games, while pretending to ignore those secretly playing candy crush under the table. Or, take your group out of their comfort zone. Give them the exciting adventure they’ve probably all dreamt of taking. Our experienced professionals will happily plan and facilitate your whitewater rafting event. We will carefully fine tune every logistic to meet the specific needs of your group. Give your employees a retreat that is anything but ordinary and it will impact them, and your business for years to come!

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