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Riding The Party Wave: Happily Ever Rafting

Let’s be honest here, standing up in a wedding is no easy task. Putting together showers and parties that will be unique, yet enjoyable for all who attend can be difficult. The stereotypical activities are not for everyone. Despite what we see in movies, not everyone wants to go to yet another bachelor or bachelorette party in a seedy Vegas hotel, or tacky adult night club. Do you want to stare on nervously as bikini-clad vixen (or stud) pops out of a 6 foot cardboard cake.

Riding The Party Wave: Happily Ever River RaftingDoes the bride love nature? The groom crave adventure? Is cousin Amber too young to toast with a glass of champagne? Or, perhaps the bridal party just isn’t into the club scene. You need a fresh and exciting alternative to the conventional pre-nuptial celebration. You need to ride the party wave!

Whether you crave extreme thrills, an all night escape, or a scenic tour through the rapids with your best pals, American Water Expeditions has you covered. Usher the soon-to-be wedded friend in your life out of single life in style by throwing them a bachelor(ette) adventure that not only will they enjoy, but also won’t land them in hot water with their new partner.

Give Them One Last (Tasteful) Adventure Before They Say ‘I Do’

A carefully planned white-water rafting adventure is an exhilarating, stylish and, most importantly, memorable pre-wedding party. Imagine gathering with a group of your nearest and dearest friends, riding the rapids and navigating through the waves as you all joyfully celebrate the upcoming nuptials of one of your own. An experienced Guide leads you to a private cavern or cove where you finish off the evening with a good meal, a roaring camp fire, conversation of days gone by (and those to come) and memories to last a lifetime.

White Water Rafting: The Ultimate Pre-Wedding Party

American Water Expeditions believes that every adventure should be unforgettable. Skip stealing Mike Tyson’s tiger, and have a truly wild West Coast experience. Whether you prefer a destination adventure deep in the heart of Napa wine country or a scenic adventure in Tahoe, there is an array of flexible white water rafting options available to ensure that the send off to married life is an event to remember.

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