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Conserve Your Summer Fun: Rafting Despite California’s Drought

As California experiences one of the driest years in recorded state history, this drought will impact many summer activities. Many reservoirs and lakes are at half capacity, and increased camping restrictions have been put in place as a result of above average wildfire risks. No doubt you’re wondering what fun, outdoor adventures are left for you to do to beat the heat. Well, you’re in luck – the South and Middle Forks of the American River are ready for a healthy rafting season. No need to change your summer plans. The American River awaits you!

Stay Hydrated: Increase Your Rafting Consumption

Conserve Your Summer Fun: Rafting Despite California’s Water Drought

You’ve heard about the drought, and probably know that the Governor of the state has asked all Californians to voluntarily reduce water consumption by 20%. That doesn’t mean you can’t increase your river rafting consumption this summer on the American River. Below normal mountain snowpack, and low rain precipitation won’t stop you from having the rafting fun you deserve.

How Is All this Water Possible?

How, you ask, can you have a ridiculously fun time rafting with us this summer even though a drought emergency has been declared? Thanks to a historic standing agreement with the agencies that control the dams on the South and Middle Forks of the American River between Tahoe and Sacramento, we are guaranteed recreational water flows at least 5 days a week – regardless of drought conditions. So, you can still have an exciting vacation river rafting and camping. The drought will not spoil the fun!

Reduce, Raft, and Repeat

Conserve Your Summer Fun: Rafting Despite California’s Water DroughtReducing water consumption is important. Take those necessary steps to limit your usage, but make sure you also enjoy an excellent summer! Instead of washing the car or watering the lawn, do something much more unique with the rare resource of fresh water in dry California. Book an exciting half-day, full-day, or multi-day adventure, and enjoy whitewater rafting the American River with one of our highly experienced guides. Our office is open and taking reservations. Call us at 800-825-3205 or you can book a trip online.

We can’t wait to see you on the river this summer!

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