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Find The Right River Rafting Trip For You

River Rafting Trip​California is perfect for river rafting with its solitude, scenic beauty, and the presence of rivers like Cal Salmon, Scott River, and the American River. American Whitewater Expeditions has diverse and adventurous white water rafting trips in store for you. We have a range of rafting trips; from a half day trip, a full day excursion, or even a two or more day camping adventure.

You can find the right rafting trip to fit your sense of adventure and your budget. When considering taking the plunge, there may be a lot of questions on your mind. You may be wondering which of our many rafting adventures is the right one for you. We offer a variety of trips for you to consider – your perfect match is waiting, so grab a paddle and get ready!

Half Day and One Day Trips

If you only have one day, you can still enjoy an adventure with us. We have a variety of one day trips that the thrill seeker can take. To begin with, there is a two hour trip that begins in Coloma that even just one person can take. The price starts from $74 and it is a six mile trip down the rapids. Another shorter option starts at $100 and goes for fifteen miles. This trip lasts 3 and half hours.

There are full day trips to consider also, including a trip down the South Fork Lower Gorge that starts at $115. There are also several six hour trips for slightly more experienced individuals, including a trip down the South Fork Whole River and a trip down the Chili Bar. Both of these trips cover a distance of 21 miles, and are available at $135 and $249 respectively.

Two Day Trips (and More)

Can’t get enough? We also offer a variety of longer trips for individuals to consider. There is a two day trip down the Middle Fork part of the American river, and the Chili Bar portion of the American River for a starting price of $239. There is also a two day trip down the South Fork Lower Gorge that starts at $269. There are also trips down the North Fork and South Fork at a variety of prices, and there are various combos that the individual rafting enthusiast can consider as well. If you want the biggest and best experience we offer, there is one three day trip that starts at $359.

Extra Information

These trips are undergone by die-hard rafting guides that are into fun, but also think of your safety first as well. With every trip, there will be tons of amazing moments and photos for you to remember the trip by. Find the right trip for you and your group, and get paddling with us!

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