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Creature Comforts for River Rafting Party

If white water rafting has not made it on your bucket list, we highly recommend moving it to the top. However, before you grab an oar and jump on a raft, there are several items we suggest packing in preparation. Whether you are planning your trip for spring (when the weather can be exceptionally chilly, and fleece gear is usually best) or for a hot summer day (don’t forget your sunscreen), we have compiled a list of top-­rated necessities for 2014.

Gear You Will Need on the River

Creature Comforts for River Rafting PartyYour gear is going to be extremely important­­ – you will want to be prepared for any kind of weather while river rafting.

  • Tennis shoes: 2 ­pairs – one for the raft, one for on land.
  • River sandals: flip ­flops are NOT river sandals. Preferably you want a more secure sandal with a back strap.
  • Swimsuit/shorts/tshirt: ladies should consider a one­ piece swimsuit. All of these items are what you will wear on the raft.
  • Sunscreen: you will be in direct sunlight quite a lot, and even with cloud cover you may burn. A is easy to carry and re-apply, and won’t leak.
  • Sunglasses: with UV protection. You might also consider a strap (it can get rough on the raft and if you lose your sunglasses, it can be difficult to see).
  • Hat/visor/cap: try to find a wide­brimmed hat or visor to keep your face from sunburn. Consider a hat clip to keep it on tight! During a spring trip, you will want to consider a fleece cap to keep your head warm.
  • Rain jacket/windbreaker: something light and big enough so you can layer under, depending on the weather.
  • Reusable water bottle: you will need to hydrate and disposable water bottles can not only be expensive, but using them also produces waste. Check out this suction cup that you can use to attach your existing bottle to the raft!

The only items you will carry while on the raft are the water bottle, sunscreen, and, if you would like, a waterproof disposable camera. Lifejackets are provided, so you should be able to attach the camera to your vest.

Relaxing in Comfort After Whitewater Rafting

If your trip is planned for April, May or September, you will want to pack extra warm clothing such as long pants, a long­sleeved shirt, a jacket, etc. As mentioned, fleece is usually best. Leave the cotton at home; cotton will not keep you warm if it is wet. Synthetic fibers work best for warmth. You may also want to invest in a pair of wool socks.

Aside from what you will be wearing, there a few items you will want to invest in for your California whitewater rafting trip.

  • Sleeping bag/tent: we do offer rentals for these items. You will want to take into account how many bodies will be in your tent.
  • Duffle bag: something lightweight to carry your clothes and toiletries.
  • Sheet/pillow: a sheet is nice during summer trips when it is too hot to sleep in a sleeping bag.
  • Towel/toiletries: obviously be prepared to get wet. A shammy or diver’s towel can absorb a lot of water, and then dries quickly for re-use.  Try to pack light as far as toiletries – ­­use small hotel bottles for shampoo and soap.
  • Flashlight: it will be dark when you are camping. You’ll need to be able to navigate to the bathroom at night. Try one with a clip – no searching for it in the dark!

No matter the gear, it is the tour itself that really makes a splash. Check out all of the amazing adventures you could embark on with American Whitewater Expeditions!

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