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Corporate Group Whitewater Rafting Trips

Since 1980 we have been taking corporate groups on outdoor adventures rafting down the American River. Why do we assume that learning only occurs when you are serious and quiet? Well, we are throwing out that theory because we firmly believe that things are learned best through fun.

With clients like Google, eBay, Yahoo, Facebook, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Kaiser Permanente, Intel, just to name a few – we know our passion for rafting works to bond, educate & enrich our corporate leaders. The highest-level executive thinking and the great “aha” moments are more likely to occur in an atmosphere of “exuberant discovery,” where people of all ages retain that kindergarten enthusiasm of embracing each day with the joy of learning. Fun actually promotes learning. It increases dopamine, endorphins and energy! What can be more fun than spending a day on a river in the sun surrounded by your office mates? We take our fun very seriously so join us for fun in the sun.

  • Experience with Corporate Groups since 1980
  • Corporate Trips to fit any skill level or age group
  • Outstanding safety record with our hand-picked guides
  • Mouth-watering meals prepared by our own cook to fit any dietary needs
  • Attentive, helpful and friendly office staff to facilitate all the arrangements
  • Tent Camping or Luxury Riverside Cabin accommodation options
  • Full Wi-Fi connectivity at Reception in Camp

Our trips are not only a lot of fun but offer corporate rafting groups a chance to unwind, relax and see their co-workers in a completely different setting from the office. Plus any raft trip teaches the value of working together as a team. The value of everyone paddling together in unison toward a common goal is very obvious and if applied at work, can improve everyone’s efficiency in the workplace. Working together, people can accomplish just about anything!

So start planning your corporate adventure trip by calling us at 800-825-3205. We can structure your trip with an emphasis on corporate team building or as simply a good time outdoors on the river! It’s up to you!

Really, Whitewater Rafting can be Team Building?

Absolutely, a corporate whitewater rafting trip is a natural team building activity. Teaching 6-8 people how to work together and paddle in unison to get a raft through a day full of rapids definitely requires teamwork. American Whitewater Expeditions can put together special team building exercises with an emphasis on communication, leadership and cooperation by combing multiple activities centered around rafting and working on the river.

Experience the challenge and excitement of wilderness team building exercises designed exclusively for your corporate team!  Whitewater rafting trips on the American River are perfect for building teamwork and camaraderie. The natural challenges of navigating rapids, paddling in unison, and working for a common group goal promotes open communication, trust, and teamwork. It’s a great chance to get away from it all with co-workers to unwind, release stress, and have fun together celebrating your success around the campfire at night. Join us for fun team-building activities that will bring your group together with results that help you achieve enhanced team performance, contribute to business success and improve your organization’s bottom line results!

Corporate Group Packages

American Whitewater Expeditions will customize a half day, one day, or multi-day event for your company. Corporate Rafting Group discounts start with just 6 rafters and we can accommodate virtually any number of employees you may be interested in bringing. Well over 250 rafters on the South Fork midweek or weekend is no problem and on the Middle Fork midweek virtually any number and on weekends up to 72!

Call us at 800-825-3205 so we can arrange a special outing customized for your corporate group adventure.

If you would like to know more but are not sure if you should ask – then check out our extensive Frequently Asked Questions section.

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